Hi Sungha!

First, I wanna thank you for the great music you have shared with us.. You just don't know how your music moved me and relieved all the stress and pains I have just by simply watching you play and hearing such a great music.

I want to request 2 songs that hope you could play both with piano and guitar. One is the "Only Exception" by Paramore and the classic song "Somewhere in Time".

I love how you play the guitar, no question about it but there's something so special I feel, like complete happiness or contentment, pleasantness maybe when I hear you play the piano especially that of River Flows In You. So I hope that you'll also have more songs to play with your piano. And hope that when you visit The Philippines again, I could meet you personally and that you could visit our house where you have a family fan;) and... I wish.. you could play with our piano too..that's my greatest wish :)

All the best to you and your family this New Year!
Thank you!