2011.01.27 20:31
I'm the same age as you:))but I'm not a Korean though I'm an Asian ;) lol~~~~
well,I've learnt to play organ since I was 5 or 6 years old(I can't remember exactly.Or maybe when I was 7)Till I watched your clips on Youtube.Well,that time,I was finding some guitar covers for "I'm yours-Jason Mraz".I was gonna sing this song for English speaking contest.And,OMG!!!!I found you.haha,I just could say that.I replayed and watched all your covers so many times.Now,I decide to learn guitar.You make me wanna learn this instrument.So thank you so much♥You're the best guitarist finger style I've ever known.So if you can[or read this comment],please reply or do something like this for me.

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