I Don't Care If He's A Kid; Sungha Jung Is A Flippin' Genius!
There are so many social networking web sites these days.  'Facebook' seems one of them and this time the creator of the group for Sungha was nice to let him know what's going on there. I didn't check it out much yet but it doesn't look negative at a glance. I see a little outdated information though.
Here is the link for that site.
The details are in the following message from the creator. It was sent to Sungha's Youtube account.
Hey, I just thought you'd like to know.
I was browsing though youtube a couple months ago, and landed on this profile. I watched the videos of Sungha Jung, and I was really amazed at the talent this boy had. I wondered if people knew about him, and when I asked the people around me, they said they have never heard of Sungha Jung.
I was then inspired to create this group on facebook for Sungha Jung - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9160925993 - so that people will know more about him. It had finally reached a 1000 members, and as promised, I am now writing this message to you - hopefully, this might reach Sungha Jung, and I hope he realizes what an amazing talent he has, to keep it up, and that he will be famous one day. On behalf of the people who joined this group, I'd like to say we're extremely proud of him.

Creator of "I Don't Care If He's A Kid; Sungha Jung Is A Flippin' Genius!" Facebook Group.