‘Guitar Prodigy’ Sungha Jung, On Stage with Mr.Big

Mr.Big, Live Concert in Korea, Olympic Gymnasium Stadium, Oct 24-25.

‘Guitar prodigy’ Sungha Jung (13) will be on the stage of Superband Mr.Big.


◇ Sungha Jung who will be on the stage of world famous band, Mr. Big

After Mr. Big saw Sungha Jung’s playing video ‘To be with you’, it is said that they gladly accepted him as a guest musician.

It is so surprise that Sungha Jung as a first guest musician is decided even though other powerful musicians are considered as guest musicians.

Sungha Jung is the guitar prodigy who became famous in Korea as well as worldwide by appearing TV show ‘Starking’ and YouTube.

He started playing guitar influenced by his dad who plays the guitar as a hobby and grandly becomes a guitarist and will be on the stage of Mr. Big whom his dad repects.

On the other hand, Mr. Big shows the special attraction to Korea. It's so exceptional  that they decided to enter Korea before their schedule and to let young Sungha Jung on the stage.

Mr. Big's concert in Korea in rock fans' interest will be held at Olympic Gymnasium Stadium on coming 24th and 25th.

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