DATE: Saturday, July 10, 2010 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

VENUE:  PKU Centennial Memorial Hall, Beijing, CHINA




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By the endeavors of many performers and musicians of Fingerstyle Guitar, the Fingerstyle Guitar has already become a new kind of musical culture in China and made indelible contributions to the prevalence of fingerstyle music. As early as many years ago, Master Huang Chia-Wei, the famous fingerstyle musician in China, had the idea of holding an international fingerstyle music festival. Through our communication with Master Huang, at last, this idea was gradually taking shape and improving and the IFSGF was finally born in China through the efforts of everybody. The players are Peter Finer, Don Ross, Doug Smith, Masa Sumide, Masaaki Kishibe, Naoki Jo, Roger Wang, Sungha Jung, Huang Chia Wei.




1. Three former international fingerstyle competition prize winners & Naoki Jo

14:30 ~ 15:15

2. Roger Wang & Masaaki Kishibe 

15:30 ~ 16:15

3. SUNGHA JUNG & Don Ross    

16:30 ~ 17:15

Night Time (Subject to change):

4. Special Guest & Masa Sumide   

19:00 ~ 19:45

5. SUNGHA JUNG & Doug Smith

20:00 ~ 20:45

6. Huang Chia Wei & Peter Finger  

21:00 ~ 21:45