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Sungha Jung with new own web site

Everybody who saw him at the Frankfurt Music Show this year will remember this young man. Sungha Jung, the lad from Korea that has got so much incredible talent as if to the manner born. But there’s more behind the apparent easiness.

Years of practicing and lots of discipline are another part of the result we see today. Sure, you can’t deny a lot of great talent – but also a nose for new and useful media. More than three years ago he found a new channel in YouTube through which he could address the world. YouTube opened a door for him to the acoustic music world that, without YouTube, would not quite have been impassable but surely more difficult to reach.
Musicians like Ulli Bögershausen or Trace Bundy are in close contact with Sungha nowadays, because even the “big ones” appreciate his abilities. Many times he’s been invited to large events and concerts. And you could follow up all that through Sungha’s YouTube channel…

There has been a new web site for a few weeks now that meets the requirements of an individual and special musician such as Sungha Jung much better. An own and personal web site: www.sunghajung.com.
The makers and supporters of the web appearance must have had similar feelings like we had at Lakewood when we started supporting Sungha with a guitar: The fun of supporting someone like him is absolutely in the first place. The new web site offers a variety of information: there’s a news section and a page about Sungha’s history and development. They even arranged a FAQ page to handle the most frequently asked questions better. Furthermore the site contains galleries of videos and pictures, a discussion board and a tour schedule.

Everybody that wants to obtain info on Sungha Jung at first hand is well advised to paying this new site a visit every now and then. We can recommend it.