2009.09.16 15:49
Dear Sitemaster

Agree on all the points.. I am 29 years old now and can say that i can not even play as good as his 9 years old guitar playing.. For me music is part of my life.. cooling me down.. help me to release internal feeling..and so on.. I love to listen to good music. And he did it, no matter how young he is, to me, he is still one of great finger style master of all time..

Even I can not be a one who create a good piece but for support. I think I can do it.

Keep your work Sung Ha Jung. I know sometime it is hard (you still a kid and expect to do other thing) but with your love to music like we do, you can do it :).. I am at least one (but i think will be more than 10 million :)) to all time support you.

With respect.


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