Sungha Jung's Comment 
It’s so famous ballad song of Extreme.
I saw the video and copied for two days, but it’s still not so familiar to me, yet.

Extreme is an American rock band with four members organized at Massachusetts in 1985.
Their musical style is a funk metal and they tried a various songs with Jazz and ballad.

Their first album "Extreme" was released in 1989, four years after their first organization. Their second album "Extreme II: Pornograffitti" released in 1990 was a smash hit.
In this album, there is a song "More than Words" which Sungha Jung played.. 

This "More than Words" ranked #1 in the billboard single chart and ‘Extreme’ became a star band.
According to Nuno Bettencourt who is the guitarist of the band, he made this song only in 15 minutes.
After two more studio albums, they were dismissed in 1996.

In 2007, they re-united with original three members with new drummer and released the fifth album in 2008 after 13 years of the fourth album. They had the first concert in Korea in Dec. 2008. Currently, they are still on tour in US and other countries.

Sungha Jung showed a fascinating play with their most popular and great song.

He played this song …
In 11 years 3 months
In Fifth grade of the elementary school
In 24 months since he started playing guitar
It took 6 hours from his first hearing of this song to uploading video.

This video shows the 3.4 million hits in early July 2009, and the number 3 hits of his playing video on YouTube.
This number is three times more than the original play and the most highly hit video of “more than words” in YouTube.

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Most kids at your age are useless bums, most adults above your age are even less useful, especially those that get jealous over your hard work and talent. You are a wake up? call to all of those useless people. Don't let them get you down!

you're better than the 'original'.... hahaha just kidding mate
you just give a damn good interpretation of the original... im very sure that the 'extreme band' would happy and proud to see a kid like you playing one of their best song.
keep it comin' hoping to see you in a big dome performing your major concert! nice....
How could God be so unjust in distributing talent? I thought HE loved us all the same. I just feel so inadequate now!! Where's the nearest bridge? But, before I are INCREDIBLE young man, DON'T YOU EVER QUIT! God bless you...oh, I forgot, HE already has!
haha i showed this video to my wife.... and she likes it... and she gives me a warm hug and a sweet KISS =) tnx kid!
Mozart with a guitar
Who is playing the second guitar that plays the tune? (Because from the fingerpicking I noticed that obviously you aren't playing that part.) Still good job though.
God has hand picked you for this special gift you have. Your musical ability seems endless. The Bible says, "To whom much is given, much is required" Thanks for sharing and brightening the lives of those who may stumble across your path.

how is this possible................
WTF, go buy a ticket to go to American got talent!

america got talnet? NO! please, don´t waste this so great talent of this guy! it would be so terrible, if he´d end, like a popstar, who got´s no talent.has to become really great. i´d visit a concert of him!
UR AMAZING! I can't stop listening and watching your vids! :D
Keep it up!
Whew....I don't even know what to say about that. It's damn near unbelievable. Truly incredible.

I envy this kid a lot! He's the future Satriani. Keep the good work young man but don't forget to put education on your priority.
I love this kid, he's so fucking awesome.
The first time i watched? video, i cried tears of joy and praise for the kid.
holy shit! extreme played this song with two guitars plus voice, you play it all together with one guitar and it sounds the same.
If you guys could get the licensing to put out a CD...or an iTunes release I think you guys could make bank.
this song doesn´t need lyrics anymore!!!
he will be better than steve vai or satriani... many years again... and I will come to his concert in my country sometime... I trust it...
I see so many bad things in the world, done by bad, disruptive, destructive human beings. Then I come here and see this boy...
Life is a contradiction...