I am after the growth of SungHa since his first vedio (start to watch since April 09) until now he becomes young teenager Sung Ha.

Skill --> No need to descript (better and better on each vedio).

Inspiration --> Numbers of people start to pick up guitar because of him (I am one of them ^^).

Expression --> No words before but now he is trying to talk more :) (My favorite one, @Bangkok guitar celebration with Tommy first word of  "Hello" in front of all audiences) but a very  first words in english i found was in Youtube = when he said "Thomas, this song is for you, I miss you" ... Blow me away.

I believe that all his contibutions is not only his talent : if you said his talent = 100%, I think his practise = 1000%. because in this world, we have many of ear masters but they can not play as well as their listening that why most ear master become song writers, composers, conductors and so on for other musicians. Only few that can be best for both playing and composing.. He is the one.

Keep it up little dude.. your works is telling no only in the music world but also in real life to say nerver  "Give up".

Guitar skill is something that no matter you are poor or rich, you can not easily to have it without WORK on it.

Rich may have more chance but without work, they will not be to reach to that GOOD either.

Simply we can say, something that bring world to become EQUAL... no race, no nationally, no money, no language, no beauty, no handsome (ever he is cute ^^), no fat, no tall, and no no no no..

Sai , music lover.