Hi Sungha Jung.. i have some request for you.. >.<
I want you to play song 'STOCKHOLM SYNDROM' by Muse, it's a good song.. >.<

By the way Sungha, if you don't know the song you can download it in: http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=688565&song=Stockholm+Syndrome

please.. i very like this song.. oh yeah, my age is same as you.. and when i was in ten years old i followed a band in my school, i'm a guitarist in that band, but, i can't do by best in that band because they don't like a girl like me playing guitar.. May you help me to be a good guitarist..?

please contact me : c.cmiclyra@yahoo.co.id

I'm a girl who want to be a good guitarist like you.. >.<
and, i'm so sorry if my english is not good.. >.< it because i still study..

thanks Sungha, i wait your answer.. please contact me.. ~_~ i need your help...