Dear Site manager

After I got to see Sung Ha in UTube that he was in Thailand.. First I through it was a shame to me that I did not have chance to see him ..Anyway i think good for other Thai fan club.

But it seemed none of them notice about this :).. I though it was the Acoustic Celebration Concert not really specific of anyone concert .. Anyway, there were a list of guitarists would join this concert and no Sung Ha name, so I though could be some information mis-match?(Or probably us did not check proprely!!)

Just to add up: some fans were not so sure but we are really surprised that they found out later on that he was in TH but they did not have a chance to see him..

Anyway, we will continue to support him but small help if you can post some schedule on this site for us :).

We are not type of people who can spend much money so what we can do is to wait to see some information update in his official site that when he will come by chance to our country or buy his CD.

Just to share :)