Hi Sungha! My name is Pauli Kumpula, im from Finland, and I have something to suggest to you. Could you somehow play one of my tracks? Its very easy to play, would take only couple of minutes your time. I really would like to see you play it, but only if you have some time to play it. Youre the best guitar player in the world, as far as i know, and i appreciate you very much because of your dedication and huge talent playing guitar, and because of youre humble way. And, Id like to hear someone real player to play it with emotion, with style, just like you do. The track itself is made with computer so its not so lively, but there is something there still. You can play also the piano part if you like to, it has the same melody structure than the guitar part.

So, long story short, if you want to play my song and i know there is lot of people that ask you to play their tracks, but you were the first that came to my mind, and I humbly ask you, if its possible in any way. I know youre very busy with your work, and I dont mind If you dont have time to play my track(which actually is not ready yet, but it has the guitar part ready, more or less) So, the Link to the track is here: https://soundcloud.com/mrsnailman/guitar-crying-with-piano

I really just would like to hear someone play it. (if its is even possible to play, that i dont know) And, i dont know if there is any back thoughts about getting fame through your playing. It just popped to my mind that you could play it. And I dont know if you even read this, but ill still try to get in touch with you, Sungha. :)

Thanks a lot anyway, you played it or not! best regards, humbly yours, Pauli Kumpula, Tampere, Finland.