Dear Sungha Jung,

I am an old guy of 53 years  and since I am on holiday now, I decided this week to buy a guitar again and catch up with my old love of fingerpicking. When looking for videos of my youth time guitar hero, Stefan Grossman, I found your videos on you-tube.

I must admit, that I thought of a fake at first. I simple could not believe that you are playing my all time favorite songs with such perfection and feeling.

According to the information about you and your family it seems to me, that your parents are very wise people, since they look after your school career and don't let you go on tour all the time. I very much hope, that you still have time to play with your friends and pets and have the guitar as a joy and not as a burdon.

To me, your videos an you-tube are sheer joy. I have the feeling, that you have already found one important truth of making music: Always let your heart and mind play the guitar and let your fingers follow.

Even if you concentrate on school and family, it would be a big joy for me to find a CD or DVD of your playing. Buying that would give me the feeling of contributing a little bit to your career.

Keep on playing your great music. All my best wishes to you.