Just to share..

I have been checking on his site since first time my firend sent me his Billy Jean piece for 7 months already.

And I did start my guitar lesson since Aug 09 because of this.

It is very hard thing to get throught, finger pain, pawn pain, and so on stuff that kept coming to me but finally all those thing were passed :). Now no more.

Even my skill still need to be in development process for a lots more from now on but I felt so good when I can start to play some melody song to be as a "Real song".  "Green Sleeves" for example.

My Aim is just to be able to play the song that I like but to all people who start to do. I can inform that it will take 5 months (every days practise for 2 hours) to get better up to level of STARTing to be good in melody but not yet in fluent.

You did not have to be as quick as other but slow  and sure in process. No matter how slow you are finally you will reach to be able to play guitar in advance.

I shared because I want to cheer up those who just start the guitar which Sung ha does inspire to you.

Just keep practising.. If you can go faster than me , also aprechiate. :) and congratulation

Sai, music lover.