Hi Sungha!

First of all I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Andrew from Brazil, and I've been a guitarist for quite awhile, and it doesn't take a genius to see how talented you are. See... music for me is something you play with your heart, and I had that , but somewhere along the road I've lost it, it seemed to me that playing was pointless or too much of a daily routine, that is so because I've had lost my joy! Can you believe? Anyway... not to long ago, maybe a couple of months a friend linked me one of your videos "Tears in Heaven" , I'll never forget, I was completely dazzled by that song, and it got me thinking "boy, I envy this kid" ,because you had something i didn't" JOY TO PLAY! And after awhile, I took the dusty guitar off the shelve, tuned it up and tried to play tears in heaven, well it was ugly! my sloppy fingers couldn't hit the notes, i got pretty upset to myself, as a new challenge came, I decided to put all my effort and will on it, and as soon as I realized my Joy was back!  My fingers weren't sloppy anymore, and in a flash the song was done, all of that just because of a song and a great guitarist, for that I am thankful!

Keep up the good stuff bro!

Your Pal