Young Man, you are truly a Miracle at Guitar, Every time I watch one of your videos I start to cry because you put your heart  in to your playing and it SHOWS. Ti think that some one so young could play like some one twice his age is a Real God Send to those of us in Cyberspace who Will never get the privilege to meat you in person. I live in the United States on the East Coast, in New England. And I am always searching for young people who can play the guitar  like God him self .

Your playing is like the sound of the surf of the Blue Sea rolling in at high tide.  It calms the soul and puts the mind at ease. Young man don't,t you ever give up your playing . You just got to keep, on Keeping, on as my Sister always says.  Always Keep it real  never give up on your dreams, I wanted my ham radio license since I was young and now I am not so young, But I have my Ham Radio L incense and I achieved  a dream  cause I went out and made it happen.

My dream is to some day have a son like you who is Passionate about his dreams and makes them come true. I  have always encouraged people to go after their dreams . I have always wanted to play the Guitar but I cant seam to get my fingers to go in to the right positions.

Sung ha  don,t listen to all the nay Sayers they are just jealous  of  you  and your ability.  All my Best to you in your feature  plans may they all go your way

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES MAY THE LORD IN HIS VAST ENDLESS WISDOM, Bless you with all his best. From My heart to yours


Sean P, New Hampshire USA.