Hi SungHa,

I am hoping you read this as I think an injustice has been done. I hope you are aware of Paddy Sun from China. I'm not even sure that's his real name. His last YouTube video posted was in 2009. He posted a total of six videos, four covers and two originals. China has since blocked YouTube (March 2009) and as far as I can tell Paddy Sun and his genius has disappeared. I am therefore requesting and hope you will agree to either home video or favorite (or both) his two originals as a tribute. The two originals are "Sunflower" and "Bruce Lee" (search YouTube for "PaddySun1990"). I have to admit that I also like his Preston Reed's "Blasting Cap" cover. Paul Yoon and many others have also done Sunflower but you would lend considerably more prestige. Perhaps exposure could somehow influence a reemergence. It is sad that China has apparently decided to punish the world by making such talent inaccessible. Speaking of talent, I love yours. I am hoping to one day catch you live somewhere in the US. You are well on the road to achieving your dreams. God Bless.