Hello Sungha,

My Name is Raan Williams and I am a Producer for Playing For Change in Los Angeles, California.  I am not sure if you have heard of us or have seen our videos.  We make "Songs Around The World" with musicians playing together from many different countries to promote peace and unity around the world.  You can see our videos on our website www.playingforchange.com  and at our youtube channel www.youtube.com/playingforchange

I am contacting you as we are all very inspired by your performances and would love for you to play on our next "Song Around the World"  and represent your home country of South Korea! 

You would be playing on a song that I have seen and heard you already play in your videos!  We think that you would be perfect to play on the song which will feature over 70 other musicians from around the world!!

Please let me know if you are interested as we are moving rather quickly and would like to discuss in more detail with you and your father.  

I can be contacted at rwilliams@gtba.com

Thanks and keep playing your beautiful music!