Hi Sungha. You have long been an inspiration since I discovered you on youtube. I have played fingerstyle guitar and have done guitar transcriptions for many years longer than you have graced this earth, and enjoying your spirit and talent has rejuvinated my own love of playing fingerstyle guitar. I enjoyed your arrangement of "Falling Slowly," one of my favorite songs in recent years, so much that I decided to transcribe it so that I could play it. I would like to give you a copy, but prefer to give you a copy of the transcription to check over for accuracy before giving you a final version to distribute on your website, if you wish. Please send me a private message at my account email address with an email address where I may send you the PDF. Also, if you have not explored the wonderful fingerstyle guitar music of Stephen Bennett, I think you would enjoy it - beautiful melodies, nice grooves. I did the transcriptions for his fingerstyle and flatpicking books published my Melbay, both come with CDs with complete recordings of each of the pieces; some of the pieces in the flatpicking book can be performed fingerstyle. You can find those books on amazon.com or at Stephen's website, harpguitar.com. Stephen is also a master of the harp guitar as well; it will be very interesting to see what you can do once you explore into that instrument and music. :) Best regards.