I know this message is one out of a million, but I kind of need your help (if this is Mr.Jung himself) I love the guitar and I sing too, so when my science fair came along, my teacher said to do somethjng of my interest....music! I'm trying to create homemade guitars out of home materials and to see which makes the better, clearest sound. Since you're a guitarist, I was wondering if you could give me recommendation of a cheap material (rubber bands, dental floss, etc) that I could use. Also, I want to use a quote of a famous person for my research paper....can you tell me what you think of when you hear the word "guitar" or hold one-something along those lines. (Dont worry this isn't cheating....Im interviewing an expert XD) This would be so great if you answered!
Thank you!
(PS I need this ASAP! Sorry, and thank you again! I'm a huge fan~)
-Just another person XD♡