Hello ::

My name is Patrick and I currently live here in Korea. I develop English programs for high schools around Gyunggi do and I am also a reacher, in the process of writing a book about various aspect of Korea, it's culture and people.

I am always looking for new things to make the book original and more interesting so readers can have a deep look into Korea and it's people. After seing Sung Ha, at such a young age playing beautiful music, I was reminded of my self when I was a boy  trying to do the same thing. I am wondering how I can contact him or his parents or  agent to possibly talk with him, ask him a few questions to create a informal profile to add in my book. I think readers would be inspired by this young man and it would be great if many people knew about him!!

My email is :  patrick_penton@hotmail.com and I do hope someone responds via email regarding my request. Thank you and Sung Ha, keep using your amazing talent ... you are going places for sure.