hey i'm looking for advice on how to get better at guitar so far i can play come together and tears in heaven and a few other songs that aren't very hard or complicated so im asking if you could send a list of songs to go with. I understand your very busy but if whenever your free that you could send it to the email even if its just one song, also nice on the jazz piano it will really help with coming up with songs on the guitar, that's just what i believe but even if it doesn't i'm sure it will help in some way. Also you have been an inspiration to me by showing me that it doesnt matter how old you are you can get good at guitar if you just practice enough and i think talent is a big part of it too but who knows unless you're pro well its good to talk to you if you ever read this oh and heres my email

Joshkmee@hotmail.com<<<<If you could send in a song every now and then whenever your free and arent too tired just come up with one and also if theres a tip you have for playing something like heart of life by john mayor because he slaps the guitar while he plays a different tune with the index, middle and ring finger and slaps the guitar strings. Just some kind of exercise cause i noticed you were doing that for come together by the beatles you know the one that you did on youtube.