Sungha Jung:
I know today was the second time you preformed in Taiwan
My friend and I luckily had this chance to your concert
(We are the stressful students now ><)
She even had lunch with you,
and she told me that she almost spend the whole day with you haha;)

We found your video on YouTube in2010<-jwcfree
I insanely fell in love with "river flows in you"
You played it so well~~
And I'm still so drenched in that beautiful melody>_<

I'm so glad that I have your company ever since
I'm way too happy to see you in person this evening
It's a pleasure to listen to your guitar live!!!
Like a Miracle>///<

Again, thank you for making (me and my friend, and the rest of your fans)'s
life such a wonderful thing:)))
I hope I can go to your concert again and again in the future
"I'll follow you"

Joyful& good luck