Hello sungha:)
To be honest, I don't know whether you will see this message
But at least, I try :D

Do you still remember the cancel of HK show because of 8 typhoon?
Haha luckily, the show will continue to hold on 31 OCT
I am looking forward to see you and take photo with you!
Anyway, I have a suggestion :P

There is a song which is popular and well-loved by the HKers!
It is a very special song.. a theme song of a drama in 2003
In 2013, the drama had second collection which commemorates the 10 anniversary.
However, the song was no longer adopted as the theme song T_T
Our collective memory.. we miss it!
I know that you can listen and then play it:)
Can you fulfil our wish :$?
I sincerely hope that you can play the song at the show.. sungha!
Much obliged!!! <3

I believe that you will like the melody of this song:)

See you on 31 OCT~~~~

All the best,
laam from HK