Hello Jung family.  Hope everyone, Dad, Mom, Sis, Grandma and Coco are in good health.  (forgive me as I never learned your names.) Hi Adel. 

Thank you for continuing to share Sungha's gifts with the world.  Sungha's music and video's continue to inspire and motivate so many music lovers of all ages.  He has already started his legacy.  It is absolutely wonderful to watch!

It appears that Sungha has grown a couple inches taller this year.  In short time he'll be taller than Dad!  Sungha has matured and done so well!  'Hope we'll be able to continue observing his promising future as personally as you all have allowed for the past years.  Thank you! 

The many devoted fans will surely continue to enjoy, support and encourage Sungha throughout his career but I pray those closest to him that provide the crucial love, security and joy also are appreciated equally.  You are a very special family and I am certain there are extended "family" members that are part of Sungha's success. Cheers & kudos to you, all. 

Until next time.  Warm regards, always.    Dadk