I was one time surfing You Tube on the net, watching Britain’s Got Talent contestants,  (yeah, the singers were awesome – Andrew Johnston, Charlie Green, Connie Talbot etc.) when I suddenly thought of hitting “gifted child” as the search title, and I saw Sungha Jung’s videos, the first I viewed was the “Mission Impossible” OST, Sungha Jung’s version) and well, I was very impressed! Mesmerized and stunned, I was well entertained, and I find it so unimaginable. This kid rocks!  It was a complete privilege listening to his artistic renditions using his guitar. A well gifted individual. His explosive yet simple broken chords, undefined tabs of impressive music outflow, with an unimaginable age hitting those pieces with his phenomenal talent is such an art I can say, priceless in these times. This Korean kid made me believe everything is possible. Such an artistry he equipped on the songs made into a simple acoustic performance is like a daylight battle of few people with an arsenal of such explosive device, it gave affliction to the entire music lovers around the world! This is the first time I really admired such a talented musician, ever! And I believe I am one of his instant fan! And that entire night, I had been browsing all of his music videos uploaded in You Tube, and eventually landing on his website. Sungha Jung rocks! What a gifted soul. I hope this blog can reach Sungha Jung. With these, just wanted to say, I believe I’m his number one fan here in the Philippines. What a craftsmanship he has! (I wish I could play the guitar that fine.) He is a one talented soul! (To my so much admiration, I posted this blog as well on my site blog, johnnyaromin.blogspot.com & on my Friendster & facebook blogs. Wew!) Can you please play on your guitar, the song The World I know by collective Soul? Thanks! J. Aromin / Philippines