Hi Jungha, I am your big fan from HK.

I am admired at your guitar talent and would like to request if you could play my favourite song "Long Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt (1970).

I understand that my request is a bit harsh , and please accept my apology. Maybe you could listen to this song first and decide whether you will play it. I have searched the internet for many days but could not find this guitar/piano version. I did come across some guitar chords sites about this song, but actually I could not play guitar myself. 

The reason for this guitar version is because I am going to compose a Chinese/Cantonese lyrics for the people here. We have only got the English version. I know this English version is great, but it will be more fun if we have another version in our own language, and also more Chinese people will be able to enjoy this song (especially played by you).

Sorry to disturb your time because people around me do not play guitar.

When I finish the Chinese lyric, I shall inform you at once to share my joy.

I must say thank you to you for bringing us so much fun in life. You are a gifted child. May your talent be delighting people across the oceans and around the globe. Joy with peace.


eworld from HK