Sungha, you are truly amazing. If it were possible I wish I could go to Korea just to see you play live.

Everytime I've watched you play I can tell that you love what you are doing, and that only makes me enjoy it more. I  hope you never lose your passion for it, because you do have an amazing gift. You've inspired so many to take a closer look at the things they enjoy in life, and you are lucky to have found your so soon, and have been able to perfect it so well!

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see a lot more of your work. I can only imagine the day you decide to create your own music, though I'm sure that has already begun for you. Life has a lot in store for you, and I am both envious and yet in awe. There's no doubt you will be famous, I just hope you never lose sight of what is important in life for you now, family :). I'm sure fame would be meaningless without them.

I wish you all the best with your music and career! I will keep tabs on you :)

If you ever decide to come to Florida or the United States in general, I hope you keep me in mind... because I will most likely be in that audience cheering for you - regardless of the college students' salary.

Best wishes!