Hey Sungha (or fans reading ^^) ! I'm a student in Florida, I think currently 중2 or 중3 in Korea, and I had a project in my Language Arts class to write an essay based on a prompt. The prompt stated:   Everyone knows someone they would consider 'one-of-a-kind.' Think about that unique person's qualities and explain why you think of him or her as a true original.  The first thing i thought was you. I was so excited and began to write this essay. I know that you don't really like to be called a guitar prodigy and i understand that, but i did my real best in my opinion about you being a great guitarist. Please reply! Thank you!


I was thirteen when I first saw you playing guitar on the Korean television show, Star King. It was amazing how you performed the song Mission Impossible on your guitar. Your fingers were moving so fast and the melody came so naturally. You pulled it off even though you were only twelve at the time. When you finished the song, you were introduced as a guitar prodigy who plays the way of finger style, which is difficult for even an adult to master. Now you are thirteen and have greatly improved in your love for music. All 227 videos uploaded and memorized, and 7 composed songs beautifully written. Sungha Jung, you are truly a unique guitarist playing from your heart, not a prodigy, but a guitarist who enjoys music. You are unique in what I believe in three ways, you are gifted towards music. You have a pure heart, and you live up to your dream.

Sungha, in your progress of only about four years of guitar experience and with no mentor in learning your songs, you are absolutely gifted. Because of your amazing talent you’re even world famous now! In France, Austria, Japan, Canada, United States, Germany, basically everywhere people know your love for music in less than four years! You started playing guitar at the age of 9 inspired by your father playing guitar. From the moment you grabbed the guitar you were immediately attached to the melodious and the resonant sound of a guitar. You even said: “Joy can be a joy and sadness can be sadness…With guitar, I can express as much as what I feel. That’s the attraction of the guitar.” Plus, you learned to play music by listening to a song, then copying along with the music. A skill not a lot of people have on this planet. I also have been learning by myself to play guitar, but it turned out to be an epic failure. You compare greatly to an average person like me. Almost every time I log in to YouTube, you have uploaded the most awesome song. The notes are plucked without any mistakes. It flows so smoothly, and it’s really soothing. Such as the ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Westlife, it is absolutely and thoroughly played. When listening to your playing, it is a moment of sudden peace.

To continue, a lot of people mention that you have a pure heart. I believe that it’s true also. “I want to be the guitarist to bring those kinds of joy, happiness and comfort to the people through my play.” Sungha Jung, you show your true intentions and share with others dedicating yourself to the music world within you. You enjoy your talent and are delighted to be living with the life given to you. You don’t regret the life given to you. Another thing, you’ve been to Paris and have been given provided needs by your loving parents. It’s amazing to see how you’re not spoiled at all. Usually when exciting experiences happen, it can sometimes spoil people. However, you’re just an average teen in love with music. “To whom much is given, much is required” Luke 12:48.

Lastly, only unique and one-of-a-kind people have this trait. To follow ones life time goal, a dream. It seems easy, but it is hard to achieve in the hard course of life, a life around economy, conformism, and tragedy the courses where most people kneel to their dream into only a dream. Sadly, there are many people who have not achieved their dream, because there always is a course where it makes the road harder to get through. Such as me, I haven’t even seen the beginning of the road which I’m supposed to take. I don’t know what my dreams are, and yet I am in America studying. You’re living in your dream Sungha, don’t ever forget that. You’ve met the most famous guitarists in the world, such as Thomas Leeb, Ulli Bogershausen, Kotaro Oshio, and even Byungwoo Lee. People are supporting your dream. They want your dream to grow also. Sungha, you’re very lucky living in your dream and setting out for a bigger one ahead of you, a guitarist with full potential.

I would want to end this letter with a quote of an unknown author “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond imperfections.” Even though I have never met you in my entire life, I know that you’re one of the happiest men on the earth. Your talent, your pure heart, and your dream they’re all happy to be with you. You’re truly a one-of-a-kind kid. “I want to be a ‘guitarist’ rather than a guitar prodigy” Sungha Jung, spoken like a true guitarist!