Sungha Jung, I LOVE YOU and your SMILE, your MUSIC, everything!! I'm your #1 fan and I hope to meet you one day!!!!! If I ever did I would start crying!! <3 Pleeeasee come to California! I'm just a little 13-year old amateur guitarist who just so happens to be your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG pleeeeeeeeaaaasseeee do a concert in southern california!! i know you might be tired from so many concerts and such, so it's okay if you can't yet!! But please, SOMEDAY, please come and post a video to YouTube letting us know you're coming, and where I can buy the tickets!!! OMG I ADORE YOU!! I also really want to learn guitar from you on the AllEars guitar method thing. But please, even just once, if I meet you in person, my dream would come true!! love you sungha!!!!

love from Cali,
--13 year old amateur guitarist<3
A.K.A. Sungha Jung's BEST biggest and #1 fan ever!!!!!!