First Happy New year to all music lover fan, especially Sung Ha fan.. (I am one of them) ^^.

I know it is quit delay to say above sentence for article on 7th Jan but with all of work + everything had come to me, I wish it still work to all of you.

On 22nd Dec 09, I woke up with feeling "Don't want to go to work". I was very tried and with a very bad catching cold. I went to work with a dead look. HAhaha some of my colleague told me to go back but you know in my apartment was even colder. So then I opened laptop and just want to listen to some Sung Ha song.. I got "Whiter shade of pale" which was played by him for second time.. I felt in love with this song right away.. until today 7th Jan 2010. I still keep listening to this song over and over again.

Today, 7th Jan 2010 with his new composition, Farewell, bring me so much join during my work.

Then I found out that our kind web master provided us a port to support Sung Ha for Calendar + stuff. I right away click on this to do some purchasing....

Hey Web master and Sung Ha, if you read this subject--> this idea is very cool to let us have a way to support you as fan club. But it will be more super if we can buy your CD.. I saw some fan already post as pervious, so I do support on this idea... For the tab, really i can not find since i got so many limitation.. If you kind enough please put those tabs to CD and sell it as packet it wil be just AWESOME.. And "yes" I doask for your composition tab only.

Below are song from his work are always in my everyday MUST listen, even some are not his song but his work.

"Whiter shade of pale" , "Hazy Sunshine", "Order of Magnitude", "BlackBird" are super.. And the rest of the songs are awesome. (P.S actually I do love all but as normall, I have ones of MOST favorite)

Finally, wish you all are having a great , wonderful time for this 2010.  For Sung ha,  you take care ^^

Sai, music lover