Hello. I am Alvince. Sorry my english is not good, but i really want to write a message to you. I read on your FB Fanpage that you will come and Play Guitar in Indonesia on May 6th 2017 @ 9th Korean International Cultural Days. Its a good news for me. I will come to watching the concert with my Son named Jeriell (10 years old). You are my Son's idol and you had inspired him to be a guitar player. By this letter, i want to say "can you please give him a chance to meet you when you come to Jakarta? Meet up on backstage will be a great moment for my Son. He will come with his guitar and hope you will give your signature on it.


PS : here's the link you can watch my Son Video and see how you so inspired him.

Played your arranged Dust in The Wind https://www.facebook.com/alvincepatanduk/videos/vb.1496161373/10208333716369299/?type=3

Other video :