Dear Sungha Jung :

I am writing to request your permission to use one of your recordings as a track in a cover of “Dust in the Wind” that I am working on.

I am a scientist in France. In my spare time I like to write new lyrics to old songs. I am interested in the connection between art and science. Passion is important in both of them. Furthermore, art can help people better understand science. With the help of a professional musician, I have produced one of my songs and I uploaded it to Sound Cloud. Here is the link to the song: . And here is the link to the page of my blog where I have described how the song was recorded and where I have posted the lyrics: .

I discovered your music and your incredible talent recently. When I heard your version of “Dust in the Wind”, I was completely mesmerized. Within a very short time it inspired me to write new lyrics for this song. The lyrics concern a theme that is similar to the subject of the song that I have posted on Sound Cloud.

I am writing to ask if I can use the guitar version of Dust in the Wind, that you posted on You Tube (, as the accompaniment track for my version of this song. I want to eventually post my song on Sound Cloud to make it available for educational purposes and for people to enjoy listening to and thinking about its meaning. I am not interested in trying to earn money from my songs – and I am not good enough for that. I could send you the lyrics if you are interested so that you can make sure that you approve of the content.

Thank you for your consideration.