hi ... it's me again!! quin johan!! I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN'T NOTICED ANY ONE OF MY MESSAGES LAST FREE VIDEO CHAT OF YOURS I'AM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU AND PROMISING THAT AS LONG AS I'AM ALIVE I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!!! YOU'RE MY 1 AND ONLY IDOL!!!!!! so i'am hoping in your next video chat... just mention my name!! and i'll be very very very very very glad!!!!! but if you didn't it's ok!!!!! i understand... and i'am ALWAYS doing that (understanding you) .... =(( you have a great, nice, cool, beautiful and kindhearted manager!!! so always keep it up!!! keep up your good work!!! your so so so amazing..!!! I LOVE YOU!! and i love the way you play..... many of your fans here in the Philippines are waiting for you... and we hoping that you would come here soon... i will try to do my best just to help your manager so you can go here... i really want to see you in person... =(( by the way i think last last last week i contacted one of the organizers of the Philippine Guitar Festival.. and glad to say they replied "we'll see what can we do and watch his video first" .... I REALLY IDOLIZED YOU... i'm hoping that someday i would meet and bond with you... but i know that's too impossible.. i'll just dream... thanks a lot for your beautiful music...... I WILL NEVER GET TIRED LISTENING TO THE SWEET SOUND OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC....!! love you ALWAYS.. take care...... good eve.!!! -quin-