Hello Sungha! My name is Stacy and I am from the United States. I have been listening to your music and I wanted to tell you that you play beautifully. I am 23 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 7 years now and we are planning to get married when we can get some money together. When we do get married I would like to walk down the isle to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I have dreamt of this since I was a little girl but I cannot find a beautiful instrumental arrangement that I have fallen in love with yet. I was wondering, (I know you receive a lot of requests) but if you had time, maybe you could make an arrangement of "somewhere over the rainbow." I love the way you have arranged all of your songs! Some of my favorites are " Just the Way You Are", "I'm Yours", and "Hotel California". I would love to hear back from you but I do understand that you are busy. I'm looking forward to hearing more music from you in the future!