Hi Sungha, 

I stumbled upon your videos on Youtube and became a big fan of your talent instantly.

It is so rare to see the magnitude of such a mature and amazing talent from a tender aged person.  I don't want to call you "a kid" or "a child"  because in many respects, you are more matured than many of us.  

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.  I want to see you grow into more masterful guitarist that you aspired to be.  God gave you this talent and your pure desire and passion for your musical expression will continue to touch many people around the world as long as you keep your heart on the right place.

No matter what you do, DO NOT LET ANY RECORD LABEL CONTROL YOU OR YOUR FUTURE.  WE WILL SUPPORT YOU HERE ON OUT!  no famous music schools are capable of teaching you anything more than you already know and you are more than capable of learning it all on your own!!!  You've got something it's rarely found in many so called "MUSICIANS"  your heart is pure.  Thus, the talent which is rarely seen is found in you because it is divine.

Now having said all above,  I'd love to see your concert in US.  I will drive or fly out to see you for sure.  Also, I say this without any disrespect to my mother country but you are TOO BIG FOR SOUTH KOREA.  You and your talent needs to been seen and heard around the WORLD. I am sure it will all come in due time.

I will be watching you.  Goodspeed Sungha!