hello, my name is Teja Kurniawan, im from indonesia, 27 years old, its my 1st month learning guitar after i saw your clips on youtube,

my father was a teacher in yamaha music school back then, but i never learn anything from him because im didnt have much time, in this month im learning from my father,"the basic" and im learning from watching your clips.

i saw your clip of  "loving you", i like that, im learning that song, i even downloaded kotaro oshio loving you tablature (pdf and gp5 for guitar pro), but i see that your play is a bit different, so i decided to play it with what i capable for.

so i need your help, im asking if you have tablatures of all your plays ? i dont care if its pdf or gp5 or Midi format, pls send it to me tejakurniawan@yahoo.com 

thank you very much ^^