The first time I saw your video (I'll be over you by Toto), I was speechless. Then I checked out some more of your videos, it didn't just entertained me, it made me happy. Just keep on going kid. Improve everyday with every music you make. I believe you'll be bigger than Andy Mckee or Trace Bundy (with all respect to them, they play well too). I just think that at your age, and you improve every year, you'll bigger than anyone think you could be. You inspire me Sungha. Here in the Philippines (home of Manny Pacquiao), people like you are called "ASTIG!" (cool, gifted, one of a kind, one of the bests, etc.). I hope my 3-year-old son would a gift similar to yours. But I love him the he is so it doesn't matter. Anyways, more power & good luck to your career! I hope to see you in the big stage the next few years. Go Sungha Jung!

PS: If you can squeeze it in your schedule, can you please play  "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago. Thank you!