Hi sungha im a big fan of yours i think your amazing i am working on a charity cd for the late "Tommy Bolin" tommy was in deep purple and praised by Jmi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin pretty much ecery body from the 70s rock class.Sungha the beinifit is for a drug and alcohol rehab center called the "Jackson house "they help teen agers all the way up to adults beat their addictions this center is in Tommys home town sioux city ia!!!!! Sungha every gutair magazine in the world like Burn in japan,Gutair world usa,Gutair player usa etc will cover this cd.Sungha we  would be honored if you would cover one of tommys unfinished acoustic pieces for this charity cd. We have members of "Boston", Rainbow , Foreighner ,Ufo,Survivor and many others. participating.Sungha i have a budget to where i can donate to you musical future please have some one from your organization contact me at jrainbowfd@hotmail.com thanks john schenk ps i turned on neil carter from gary moores band to your version of whiskey in a jar and im sure gary has seen it by now .Sungha i love your talent!!!!!! also where finishing tommys work and donating it to charity we would be honored to have you take part of this  cd tommy was a true legend in the music business.john