Dear Sung Ha Jung and all supporters

I am definitely one of the FAN :)

I have been listening and watch your SungHa's growth (During this time kid can grown very fast ^^).

Just to say , I can observe some change arround me. I saw kid at your age (or a bit older) to start to do some activities (good one). I took a guitar class and I found more kid come to join. I think it is good sign la. Even those kid did not know who you are or they are having other idol. Who care!! good anyway.

Why!! becasue kid in this age normally cloud do something else , playing game and so on. Um I did not say it is bad but better to go for other activities like sport or music.

Different people has different thinking, I play guitar because I love its sound and beauty, some may love to go out for extreme sport. Some want to play because they found good idol and so on.

I love to see more kids arround the world focusing on something that is not harm to society . World is not easy in the adulthood la :(.

Just to share, with all the music lover (Don't mind for the one you love Sung Ha as idol) HAHAH ^^