2012.04.02 02:07
Hi Sungha! :)I'm Jen Tanedo From Philippines, :) I'm A BIG Fan Of Yours, I Always Make Sure That Once or Twice A Day I'll watched your Videos,i always save your pictures in Our Comp >:) And Your The Background Of Our Computer :D and, I just want you to know that I Always Share Your Videos In Facebook, Many Filipinos Admire And Loveyou! IKNOW that You have Many Fans In the Phil. Please Come To PHILIPPINES, since i can't find where to Message You Personally,I'll Just Comment here, IJust Want You To Know, HOW I ADMIRE AND LOVEYOU :""""> <3 YOUR SO PERFECT :") Thankyou! :) GodBless. :> Hope You Can Visit Your Filipino Fans :) iloveyou :**

Email me, if your going to have concert in Phil. HAHAHAH! =)) thankyou :)))))))))))))))))))

-Jen. ;D

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