Uproarious Korea. Guitar prodigy... Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
YouTube channel of Ono Yoko

Sungha Jung (12) – The guitar prodigy who is the man of the news after Ono Yoko, the widow of the late John Lennon. He is still unskillful at conversation and a shy boy, but he aims "the guitarist beloved from many people".
His home is located 2 hours far from Seoul by car and in a corner of a residential area where many apartments stand in a line.
He showed playing the Beatles' masterpiece "All you need is love" sitting on the chair in his room. Compared to his thin body, his guitar looks big. The soft tune spreads out when he lost in playing six strings with his head nodding slightly. This is the right playing that impressed Mrs.Ono Yoko.
He uploaded the video on last February. On one day in September, Mr.Woochang Jung – Sungha's dad found the Ono Yoko's message on YouTube.
There is a best praise - 'Dear Sungha Jung, I just witnessed your performance of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Thank you for a beautiful performance. John Lennon would have been happy that you performed his song so well.' In her channel, she introduced Sungha's playing as favorite together with John Lennon's video.
One fan in Korea found this and it became a news in Korea. Even if Sungha himself didn't know Ono Yoko, he was so happy after hearing about her from his dad.

I want to study the guitar in US or Europe
It has been only three years since he first met the guitar. Woochang who likes music was playing guitar sometimes at home and it made Sungha try to play guitar.
He learned the basic techniques like how to handle guitar and how to make sound. And he learned by himself. Woochang who is playing guitar as a hobby for more than 20 years said "He played better than me after six months".
He practices about two hours during weekdays and about four hours during weekend. He cannot practice sometimes when he has to do many homework. But he said in a quiet tine "I don't mind since I can practice tomorrow".

His favorite is ramen
Woochang strictly eval!uate Sungha as 'technically immature', but is noticing Sungha's special gift. That gift is that he can play with the emotion even though he cannot catch. That's why the listeners are moved.
Actually, there is a message 'His playing calms me in a stressful life'
'Perfect play' is what is in his mind and he already showed his skill to many audiences. When Beatle tribute band had a concert in the hall in Seoul with 1800 audience, he played three tunes as a guest musician. He also attends the street concert every two months at the stage located in one of subway stations in Seoul.
He says little and is silent as he said 'Talking is more nervous than playing'.
'I want to study the guitar in US or Europe' – The guitar boy already aims the world.

March 6, 2009. Yomiuri newspaper in Japan