With his brillangen fingerstyle technique he teaches veteran guitarists the "fear". According to his own information, he plays this instrument since three years. Jung's father, himself a gifted guitarist, bought a few years ago some DVDs of Ulli Bogershausen, to learn the Fingerstyletechniek. Sungha has been animate by them... the rest, as it will be certainly written at a later time, is legend. 

Ulli Bogershausen also stressed again the extraordinary talent of the young Korean to prepare new pieces in an incredibly short time. For while he (Bogershausen)   sometimes needs several weeks, the young one (Jung) mostly masters it in a few days. He, Bogerhausen, ensures us that this is not fake. The 55-year-old (man) from near Trier is himself a model for many fingerstyle artists and appears to be very well known in Japan, the USA and Taiwan. 

Before the show in Frankfurt, we talked with the father and young son. They can somehow not yet grasp what is happening. A CD has currently not been planned yet. Modesty and reservation have gotten friendly faces. 

On Sunghas YouTube-site are dozens of videos available - including some pieces from the Beatles katalog. In particular, we were very touched by "Come Together"

Video Tip: Sungha Jung with "Come Together" by Lennon and McCartney 

Yoko Ono writes personally to him in September 2008, how much his interpretation of the Beatles classic "All You Need Is Love" had pleased her. She was convinced that John would be very happy about the way Sungha had played the song.