by emon on September 13, 2008

It's not that this kid is a prodigy - he demonstrates that on his very first video (if that is his first video) from two years ago - it's that his being so at ease with the instrument, showing so much confident while being relaxed and focused, makes him different than musicians many years his senior, even. I completely agree with Ovidiu about going to back to see what he's been playing lately.

To show a level of maturity in interpretations at such an early age is not common. He is not that kid who will dazzle you with his finger acrobatics, though he is perfectly capable of that.

The three videos are from three consecutive years, starting with 2006. Sungha's taller now. If he was keeping with the size of his instrument back then, he's grown physically and musically to command the guitar's obedience. Yet, the young man is not telling the instrument what to do; it seems he has learned to have a conversation with the music he chooses to play.

There are no better words to describe him than: "this kid's all that."