3. April 2009. Written by editorial staff.
On Friday night at noon, twelve-year-old guitarist SUngha young played with fingerstyle virtuoso (in fact a pleonasm a, so as "white mold") Ulli Bogershausen on the "Acoustic" Stage of the Frankfurt Music Fair. The one like the other - simply ingenious. During the thirty minutes both guitarist had  something discerning in the offer. Bogershausen played "Time After Time." Jung began his own part with the song "Perfect Blue", then arranged the six strings around to the Michael Jackson hit "Beat it". He concluded with "Secret Story" by Bogershausen. That the two together are almost "unbeatable" was demonstrated with two titles, including "Hit the Road Jack" (originally performed by Ray Charles).

The over 100 listeners and audiences were impressed by the musicians. Ulli Bogershausen dedicated the applause to the technical team of the acoustic stage. The performance space is relatively small, but the sound of it is voluminous, clear and stunning.

Tomorrow, at 14:00 hours, the two finger style artists will be again at the "acustic" stage in Hall 3 of the music fair in Frankfurt. At night, Jung together with Alex Bogershausen Kabasser will give a concert in Giessen. This event, however, is unfortunately long out of sale.