February 13 Manila, Philippines.

March 26 ShenZhen, China

March 27 Macau

April 6 Uslar, Germany with Ulli Boegershausen.

April 7-10 Frankfurt Musikmesse, 2016 Germany: Daily performance at Unplugged Stage and Lakewood Booth

May 1 Sentosa Ukulele Festival

May 28 Singapore

May 9 Mendan, Indonesia

June 1 Bali, Indonesia

June 4 Surabaya, Indonesia

June 5 Jakarta, Indonesia

July 2 Busan International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, Korea

July 6 Tinan International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, Taiwan

July 8 Tichung International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, Taiwan

July 9 Taipei International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, Taiwan

July 30 L'Atelier Album Showcase in Seoul, Korea

August 20 Bangkok, Thailand

August 21 Phnom Penh Cambodia

Septermber 9-18:  8-city China (cities to be announced)

October 22/23 Hongkong

November 9 DC, USA

November 10 DC, USA

November 11 Philly, USA

November 12 NYC, USA

November 13 Boston, USA

November 15 Dallas, USA

November 18 Colorado Springs, USA

November 19 Boulder, USA

November 19 Minneapolis, USA

December 2-4 France (Tentative)

December 17/18/24 3-city Winter Tour, Korea. (Tentative)

Information : www.facebook.com/sunghajungmusic