This song is a special present from Michel Haumont to Sungha and also featured in his latest album, Michel Haumont & co.

이 곡은 프랑스의 유명 기타리스트 미쉘오몽님께서 정성하군을 위해 작곡하여

새롭게 발매되는 CD에 수록한 곡입니다.

Sungha' Comment

오랜만에 인사드려요~

저를위한 곡인데, 제가 망친듯하여 민망합니다^^ ㅎ 벤수잔의 괴물운지보다도 전 미쉘의 곡들이 더 힘들고 어렵습니다~ 지난번 올려드렸던 Goutte d'Or도 아직 연주하시는분을 못뵙지만, 혹 시나 이곡을 연주해보고 싶은분이 계시다면 악보를 올려드리겠습니다.

This song is specially written for Sungha by Michel Haumont,
renowned French guitarist and also featured in the guitarist's
latest album.

Sungha' Comment

Hi everyone, how are you doing?
I wish I had played it much better as this is my song! But I
have to admit that Sungha's Waltz is not an easy piece. Michel's
compositions are usually quite challenging I think and I haven't
seen many covers of Goutte d'Or, either. But in case anyone wants
to try, here I also upload the tabs.