Notice The Milky Way [Official Music Video] 13 moviefile 137321 May 15, 2014
142 The Winner Takes It All 123 moviefile 167317 Sep 15, 2010
Sungha arranged and played 'The Winner Takes It All' by ABBA.  
141 (Brown Eyes) Been Already a Year : 벌써일년 140 moviefile 167244 Jan 06, 2011
Sungha arranged and played 'Been Already a Year :벌써일년' by Brown Eyes. Brown Eyes (브라운 아이즈) is a Korean musical duo, specializing in R&B music of Korean style. While Naul became famous for...  
140 (Bruno Mars) The Lazy Song (Ukulele) 148 moviefile 166660 Jan 13, 2013
Sungha arranged and played 'The Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars.  
139 (Original) For You 142 moviefile 152520 Sep 15, 2010
Sungha composed and played 'For You'. Sungha would like to dedicate his new original song "For You" to all those who love and support his music.  
138 Hotel California (Re-editing) 48 moviefile 149377 Feb 25, 2010
Sungha played 'Hotel California' by eagles at the Triple Door in Seattle. with Trace Bundy.  
137 Shape Of My Heart 91 moviefile 148216 May 17, 2010
Sungha plays 'Shape Of My Heart' arranged by Jacques Stotzem.  
136 Money Money Money 52 moviefile 147081 Nov 09, 2010
Sungha played 'Money Money Money' arranged by Tomi Paldanius.  
135 Fields of Gold - Sungha Jung 30 moviefile 146960 Aug 04, 2009
(Sting) Fields of Gold - Sungha Jung 2009/06/26 17:24 Sungha arranges and plays 'Fields of Gold' by Sting. Sungha's Comment This is my first arrangement. It took so much time. ^^ Even if I arranged, it’s ...  
134 Voyages with Ulli - Sungha Jung(1st time) 11 moviefile 140836 Aug 04, 2009
Voyages with Ulli - Sungha Jung (1st time) 2009/06/26 17:25 Sungha composed 'Voyages with Ulli' thanking Ulli Bogershausen for his inspiration and friendship. Please read the channel description for more de...  
133 (Extreme) More than words - Sungha Jung / 1.25 Live at the Lounge 48 moviefile 140699 Feb 16, 2010
Sungha played 'More than Words' Arranged by Michael Chapdelain at the 'Live at the Lounge' in Hermosa Beach during his first US Tour.  

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