Voyages with Ulli - Sungha Jung (1st time)
2009/06/26 17:25
Sungha composed 'Voyages with Ulli' thanking Ulli Bogershausen for his inspiration and friendship. Please read the channel description for more detailed information about Sungha by clicking on 'jwcfree.'

Sungha's Comment
This is a contribution to Ulli Boegershausen.
I considered the name of song so much.
BTW, someone in US told me that he can feel the voyage.
That’s why I made the name of this song ‘Voyage with Ulli’
It also includes the meaning that I want to take musical voyage with Ulli.
Of course, Ulli was also pleased so much.
He said that this song is rather classical like Sor’s than modern.