Notice The Milky Way [Official Music Video] 13 moviefile 134788 May 15, 2014
152 Sungha plays 'Convertible' by Masaaki Kishibe. 18 moviefile 91487 Jan 02, 2010
Sungha plays 'Convertible' by Masaaki Kishibe.  
151 '雪の華(눈의꽃)' arranged by Devilous. 84 moviefile 133041 Jan 02, 2010
Sungha plays '雪の華(눈의꽃)' arranged by Devilous.  
150 Sungha plays 'Appassionata' by Andrea Castelfranato. 24 moviefile 94900 Jan 02, 2010
Sungha plays 'Appassionata' by Andrea Castelfranato. Happy New Year!!!!!  
149 Sungha composes and plays 'Farewell' 113 moviefile 168312 Jan 07, 2010
Sungha composes and plays 'Farewell' Sungha's Comment 요즘 너무 춥죠?^^ 정말 오랜만에 올리는 자작곡입니다~ 항상 만들어놓고나면 많이 아쉽네요^^  
148 (R.Kelly) I Believe I Can Fly - Sungha Jung 71 moviefile 178958 Jan 11, 2010
Sungha plays 'I Believe I Can Fly' arranged by Ulli Boegershausen. Sungha's Comment 예전에 녹음곡으로 올린적이 있었습니다~ 1월 22일부터 트레이스 번디와 첫번째 미국투어를 시작합니다~ 일주일동안 5개도시에서 공연을...  
147 (Queen) Love of My Life - Sungha Jung 94 moviefile 211994 Jan 13, 2010
Sungha plays 'Love of My Life' arranged by Tony R. Clef. Sungha's Comment 오래전부터 카피해보고 싶었던 곡인데, 이제서야 연주해 봅니다^^ Tony R.Clef라는 분의 편곡입니다. Tony R.Clef's Comment Ah! I migh...  
146 US Tour - Portland 'With or Without You' 4 moviefile 125910 Feb 07, 2010
Trace and Sungha played 'With or Without You' at the Mississippi Studio in Portland.  
145 US Tour - Seattle 'Living On A Prayer' 15 moviefile 97188 Feb 07, 2010
Sungha played 'Living On A Prayer' at the Triple Door in Seattle.  
144 US Tour - Seattle 'Hotel California' 18 file 102365 Feb 07, 2010
Sorry. Please appreciate the following links.  
143 US Tour - Seattle 'With or without you' 34 moviefile 112586 Feb 07, 2010
Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung - an Impromptu Performance For those who don't know who he is, Trace Bundy is simply an amazing musical talent on the acoustic guitar. George and I had the pleasure of f...  

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